So how do we position you as the "go to" business?
Let me count the ways....
ooops, no, sorry, too many.....

Cosmic Dolphins is a Full Service Agency providing

We operate on a principle of 1-2-3- is Me
(Us doesn't rhyme!)

1: Lead with Value

We start by learning about your business and goals.

Once we know this we can give you implementation advice on strategies that you can take away and implement for yourselves if you so wish.

However,  we can often provide low or no-cost services that you can #trybeforeyoubuy

(Also, find out what we mean by #nameyourprice)

2: Consider

Progressing forward is a working partnership and therefore a 2-way thing.

As well as you deciding whether you'd like us to work with you we need to be sure that we are the right Agency for you.

If we don't think we are we will most likely be able to recommend the type of Agency - or even an Agency - that would be a better fit for you.

3: Is Me - or rather, Us

If we get to this stage then hurrah, we will be working together.

However, there are still a number of options available for you.

We can provide #doneforyou services but also we can be the perfect complement to your marketing team, providing them with systems and platforms that enable them to produce exceptional results.

At the end of the day, it's your choice, it's #marketingthatfitsyou


William Lever's musing

'I know only half my marketing is working, I'm just not sure which half'

dates from the 19th century

Today we have the technology to (split) test, track and measure almost all types of marketing.

At Cosmic Dolphins we track and test to ensure optimum results and maximise ROI for you and your business.


Cosmic Dolphins in the UK

Park Street
Bristol BS1 5HX

+44 117 339 0139

Cosmic Dolphins in the US

501 S. Cherry St. #1100.1
Denver CO 80246

 +1 720 370 8808