We help owners of small-to-medium businesses
Overcome fear of technology or investing in marketing
To increase income and achieve the life they dream of for themselves and their loved ones
...it's as simple as that
We help business marketers
Wanting to extend their market reach cost-effectively
To increase their performance and impress their bosses
... it's as simple as that
Cosmic Dolphins
Creating the perfect blend of marketing and brand exposure
Marketing that fits you
... it's as simple as that

Our Services

Our Services are based on the premise of 1-2-3 is Me. (1) We are happy to give you advice for you to implement yourself (2) We may not be the best fit for you and will recommend an agency that may be (3) We work together.

Strategy & Planning

One of the first things we like to do is to understand your business, its ethos and what you want to achieve,  Knowing that we can help you with putting together a strategy that will meet your goals. We can then help you further with that strategy, or you can implement yourself.

Marketing That Fits You

As a business you will be striving to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  You do this through the products or services you offer and the way you deliver them.  Likewise, the way you market and sell will form part of your brand. Whilst we have a broad portfolio of services, we will ensure they fit YOUR way of working.

Done-For-You Marketing

One of the biggest constraints when running a business is time.   Understanding how to implement strategies in this technological age can be daunting.  We focus on unerstanding marketing and how to use technology for a business advantage.  The choice is yours, but we are here if you need us.

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Marketing Strategies

  • Reputation Management & Marketing

    According to a recent survey over 60% of those using the internet in Europe and the US trust and act upon online reviews.

  • Brand Strategy

    Small businesses in particular might not think of themselves as having a brand, but every company creates some kind of impression in the minds of t

  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing

    It costs many times more to attract a customer for the first time than it does for the second.

  • Measurable Marketing

    William Lever's statement 'I know only half my marketing is working, I'm just not sure which half' dates from the 19th century.

  • Blended Marketing

    Your favourite brand of tea doesn't just contain one kind of tea leaf, it has several whose flavours are intended to complement one another.

  • Local Marketing

    It's become commonplace to read about the death of the high street as people increasingly choose to buy online.

  • Mobile Marketing

    The huge explosion in the take up of smartphones and tablets that has taken place since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 has left most businesses

  • SEO & Online Marketing

    The internet is vast. It's difficult for anyone to stand out without understanding how search engines operate.

  • Social Media

    An enormous proportion of the developed world is now on at least one social network, be it Facebook, Twitter or another.

  • Website Design & Content

    After all the effort it takes to get people to visit your web site it's worth making sure that what they see when they get there is professional an

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