Some of the things that make us different


Helping your business grow

Whilst our Traffic Generation products and services are suitable for all types of business, our passion is Local Marketing for Service Businesses, especially those wishing to become seen as the leader in their market in their area.  Our joy is your success and generating more pre-qualified calls and enquiries for your business; our success is secondary, but flows naturally, we'll admit.



We value your time so we aim to give you value from the very beginning


We want to make ensure you are getting value for money


We don't want money to be a barrier; we aim to deliver value from your point of view


Each business is unique in how it operates so for us, it's all about you


Read how we help your business grow!

One of the key ways in which we help your business grows is by innovative use of technology both in creating our products and in ensuring that processes operate consistently.

Not having to worry about prioirites and things not getting done because there isn't time or the person responsible isn't around for some reason.

At Cosmic Dolphins, we consider ourselves Business Marketing Technologist.  To paraphrase, we understand how to apply technology effectively to achieve business goals. 

We understand how to integrate technology systems and many of our systems are proprietary.  In fact we are often leading whereas others follow.

We believe the primary benefits of technology are three-fold, Processess are carried out effectively and consistently and the use of technology can drive prices down and disrupt the industry.

OK, so we can't completely eliminate human effort, but we can certainly save time and achieve more.


You feel there should be no barrier between your creativity and your marketing. Blended Marketing that Fits You. That's the way Cosmic Dolphins works. Frictionless harmony.