Brand & Reputation

At Cosmic Dolphins we believe that reputation is paramount.  An incredible 80% plus of consumers will research your reputation on third-party sites to form an opinion on your business.

What is more disconcerting is that well over half of these referred to a business will go online to see what others are saying before following up.  Or not, as the case may be.

Yes, we can build and manage your reputation, but we go one further by marketing it in innovative ways to establish you business as liked and trusted.

These ways include video marketing and display marketing, two of the most powerful ways to market these days.

Why not click the button below to contact us and learn how your business would benefit from a 5* reputation.

Local Marketing

Marketing to local businesses is our passion.  Our definition of a local business is a business that serves a population in a radius of up to around 30 miles, maybe less in a big city. 

Our definition includes businesses with multiple locations as usually aeach location will fit that criteria.

From web-sites to maps marketing, loyalty schemes, to mobile marketing and much more besides, there are a multitude of on-line and off-line marketing strategies for any local business.

And of course, the services further down the page are also suitable for local businesses.

We like to work with businesses who wish to be seen as the market leader in their area, which gives us a bit of a dillema.

How many businesses CAN be the market leader?  OK, rhetoric question, but that is why we will work exclusively for you and not for your competitors in your market.

Traffic Generation

Traffic generation is often used just to mean visitors to your website, but it could be footfall through your door. We generate both.

However, to us, the more important result of traffic to your webiste, or indeed where anybody sees your internet presence, is phone calls or the footfall through your door. 

Failing that, an email maybe?

As with all aspects of marketing the ways to achieve this are many.  One of the obvious one that springs to mind is pay-per-click (PPC/Adwords).

We do offer PPC, but to be honest we believe that there are much better ways of using that spend, such as display advertising, especially video ads and also pay-per-call.

Of course, those are off-site methods.   What about on-site and SEO.

Again, there are various techniques but for local businesses we do like Maps Marketing.

We're amazed how much potential there still is to kill your competition with this in some markets.  So much so that we offer what many would consider a stupid guarantee.

We get you in the top three listings or your money back.  Want to understand why this is deemed stupid?  Click the button below.

Social Media

Social Media. To many it is one of those things that soaks up your precious time, but love it or hate it, it's here to stay.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that you are clear in how you are going to use it and what your goal is.

You may be creative and use it in an innovative way as your main website.

You may want to use it as a customer database to build a "tribe" and communicate special offers.

You may want to use Social Media to establish your brand and your authority in your field or market.

You may want to use Social Media to spy on your competitors and keep abreast of what they are doing.

Besides those at the end of the day Social Media can be a great platform for advertising, especially with the ability to target audiences.

It is also a great platform for capturing leads that you can target in other ways as part of your integrated marketing strategy.

List Manage-ment

At Cosmic Dolphins we believe that here are three lists every business should have.  These are your e-mail marketing list, social marketing list and pixel list.

You probably understand the first two, but the third?

Well have you ever gone to a web-site and then found yourself being "followed around" by their ads?  Congratulations, you are on their pixel list.

We have systems for managing each of these lists and the systems to be able to market to them.

Promotions, reputation and newsletter come immediately to mind but I am sure you can think of others.

You can say goodbye to Groupon and other services that take your money and hide who has bought from you!

You feel there should be no barrier between your creativity and your marketing. Blended Marketing that Fits You. That's the way Cosmic Dolphins works. Frictionless harmony.